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For the individual dealing with a mobility issues. Waco, TX vehicle lifts make it possible to simply and easily get in and out of a vehicle. Access 2 Life offers a wide selection of devices to meet all your needs . Sometimes mobility will be so limited that you will need to get in and out of the car while still in your chair in these instances an occupied lift is essential. We carry durable functional occupied lifts that can easily place your chair or scooter in the vehicle without having to lift in independently. A hitch lift can be a great option for those who have limited storage inside their vehicle but want their chair or scooter to come with them when they go out. We carry several models of this type of lift as well.If you are not sure what type of lift will work best for your needs we will be happy to assist you in making a decision. We have over 23 years of strong customer service experence and we will gladly help you decide on the best vehicle lifts.Call us today to schedule a time for us to discuss your options. At Access 2 Life we are here to assist you 24 hours a day seven days pre week.
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Access 2 Life offers
Over Head Track Systems, Ramps, Stair Lifts , and Porch Lifts for your home to help you with indoor mobility.
We have a wide range of 3 Wheel Scooters, 4 Wheel Scooters, Heavy Duty Power Chairs , Heavy Duty Scooters , Power Chairs and Travel Scooters. Access 2 Life offers
Transfer Systems for your vehicle to make your life easier
Access 2 Life offers
many Vehicle lifts that help improve your every day life come in to our showroom and see what we can do for you.